Poetry Friday: Late Night Poetry

Late Night Poetry Late night poetry up with the full moon quite house, quiet girl so self-absorbed so lost in worries lonely lover, little girl with a lover far away one room lit in a dark house wide eye stares in the night window to a soul heavy with life little girl lies in darkness, … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Late Night Poetry


Poetry Friday: The Blue-Gray Dome

The Blue-Gray Dome I misplaced myself a little while, lay on the balcony with a jean quilt looking at the stars. The blue-gray sky domed over me, draped over the mountains and the city. Dewdrops hung from invisible strings and crickets sang a chorus of night, a song to carry my soul to sleep in … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Blue-Gray Dome

Poetry Friday: Sleep Reflection

Sleep Reflection Waking to the chill of morning, I open my eyes close the window turn off the blaring alarm turn on my loud music throw off my PJs and pull on a sweater and jeans because it’s cool outside. It’s warm in my bedroom so I strip off my clothes and put on light … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Sleep Reflection

Poetry Friday: Sunshine Girl

Sunshine Girl The sunshine girl pulls tight around her shoulders the blackest cloak, a shroud of darkness, her body curled in the night. Eyes open in the dark, memories rush before her. Days flash by like shadows of a train, black slides carving time into a series of moments. Images flicker on a land of … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Sunshine Girl

Poetry Friday: Real People

Real People I can’t breathe the air in here. When did I get better, huh? Happened so slow I didn’t even notice. Dunno if it really happened. So much air, so much air. I can’t breathe it, can’t breathe it or I’ll die more deaths than I’ll allow. The in and out breath spins my … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Real People

Karma (or what I consider Good Consequences)

The most important moment of the day is when we fall asleep. During the day, we get so many options, right from the moment we open our eyes. For me, it's choices like what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, whether to take this or that bus, whether to go to school, who to sit … Continue reading Karma (or what I consider Good Consequences)