Poetry Friday: Life

Life It’s not what I thought it would be.


To-Do: Self-Actualization

I met with a college advisement counselor today who advised me to meet with another advisement counselor. The first one, an elderly man with a warm smile, was checking off classes on a list, writing down programs and semester names, chatting about how education is truly the greatest profession. I smiled. I nodded. The whole … Continue reading To-Do: Self-Actualization

Poetry Friday: Relationships

Relationships I’m the lopsided door the wind can’t open, the chipped cup in the beggar’s hand, the snow that becomes dirty ice in moonlight and the scattered leaf pile you spent hours raking. I’m the car crash burned in your eyeballs, the purple marks from endless sleepless nights, the knot in your stomach that never … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Relationships

The Tag Line

Disclosure: I have serious issues. I am way self-righteous. I'm a total pansy and afraid of life. One time I realized I have stigma against mental illness. I can be so freaking ungrateful and entitled. I'm pretty sucky at relationships, I tend to be suicidal, and I just can't let some things go. Plus, just a whole lot of other stuff. … Continue reading The Tag Line


If you see me driving alone in a car, ruining the ozone with my selfishness; if you see me crying on someone else's shoulder, letting them hold me; if you see me buying  wind-chimes, books, chocolate, or paintings; if you see me making eye contact with the person I'm talking to; if you see me … Continue reading Congratulations

We’re All a Little Crazy

These are things I tell myself when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, which happens about once on good days. You are invisible. People who look at you can't really see you. Humans can smell fear. As long as you don't act afraid, they won't hurt you. Name off as many words as you … Continue reading We’re All a Little Crazy