Poetry Friday: Fierce Love

Fierce Love Black clouds blanket the sunset and warm winds tug me home. My evening walk is followed by thunder, the smell of rain breezing in through windows thrown open for airflow. You see, two scents melt my defenses: one is rain, the other you. Rain heals the earth tonight, battering the rooftops and spattering … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Fierce Love


Poetry Friday: Autumn’s Palette

Autumn's Palette Floating ducks on the rainbow pond of red and gold and green and blue Falling sun before long blue shadows across green grass and gray stones Flying black birds in the white sky over red and black cars Flailing brown branches in wind above white-frosted tree trunks

Poetry Friday: Night Rain

Night Rain The car hums and whines and we travel from point A that I trust to point B where my fears are, and I wonder if the lights went out in the cities we pass, would we think a world existed beyond this freeway and rain spatters? Would we care that space and time … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Night Rain

Poetry Friday: Not Speaking

Not Speaking The sound of the rain reminds me of you; one arm around my shoulders, your head on mine. We are just standing, not speaking, because you understand how I feel about the rain. The rhythm is steady, yet unpredictable. Pat, pat, pat on the sidewalk, on the roof, on my outstretched hand, like … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Not Speaking