Poetry Friday: Reason$ to Live

*trigger warning* Reason$ to Live The old feelings return and my concentrated suffering could kill every light in the city. I can’t even trust the emptiness to stay; abandons me faster than hope and leaves me numb. I can’t even complain because I’ve been worse. Perspective. It’s cheaper to hide than to act; blood flows … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Reason$ to Live


Death Will Grow My Jasmine

Today I opened the door and was greeted with a hearty gust of wind. It tugged on my flyaway curls and buffeted my face. The walk to the bus stop was spicier than usual, bits of dirt and leaves and twigs scratching my calves. It was the first day I wore shorts to school this … Continue reading Death Will Grow My Jasmine

Building Elves

I am a building elf. You know when you enter a conference room and there are bunches of chairs and tables arranged conveniently for your use? You know when you walk into a bathroom and (of course you wouldn't notice this but) the paper towels are in rich supply? You know when you look on … Continue reading Building Elves

Litany of Banal Platitudes

Don't give up. Don't let go. Keep going. Keep it up. Keep moving forward. Keep your faith. You can do it. You are enough. You are wonderful. You are perfect. You are unique. You have incredible potential. You are here for a reason. You are a child of God. God loves you. He knows what you are capable of. He believes … Continue reading Litany of Banal Platitudes

Turkeys; Understanding Zero to One

(writes “0-1” on the whiteboard) I have this friend who’s told me on multiple different occasions that he wishes he could be a turkey. I feel like, of all the animals in the world, why would you choose a creepy and delicious one? You’re doomed to be scorned all your life and eventually served with … Continue reading Turkeys; Understanding Zero to One


I pray for trials because I know they bring me closer to God. This habit of mine has become something of a family joke; my family says I should leave them out of these prayers because they have enough trials. I think it's true and I try hard to get the point across to my … Continue reading Trials

Foolishly Happy

I am not filled with flowery words tonight, but I want to write on the topic of choosing. For example, the older I get, the more I realize I don't know. Sometimes it bothers me that my mind, my only tool with which to perceive life, is inadequately informed about the world. But other times it … Continue reading Foolishly Happy