Metaphors and Memories

Hello! My brain is okay but I still don't really know what I'm doing in life. It is snowy where I am in Utah, the skies grayish and the ground too. I don't know why I haven't been blogging lately. I suppose it is because we move through life the way we do scattered rainstorms … Continue reading Metaphors and Memories


My Capital-T Truth

Dear humans who read this, I hope that the holidays treat you well. I hope they are filled with joy and love, and that all your dreams come true. I hope you look back on December 2015 as one of the best times of your life, and that you move forward into 2016 with renewed … Continue reading My Capital-T Truth

Poetry Friday: Our Cause

Our Cause Believe me that I care for equality. My life testifies to me again and again of its importance. Believe me that I have words, more words than you know. My tears testify to God and me and everyone that I’m one part broken and one part healing, the pieces fusing together into a makeshift … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Our Cause

Last Words Before Brutal Death by Hordes of Young Mormon Feminists

Guys. Team. Readers. My stomach's in my throat right now. !!! So. I got accepted to write for this really cool blog called Young Mormon Feminists. And I'm freaking out but no big deal. Hopefully I will be able to eventually get over my anxiety/excitement about this opportunity. But in case I am killed by hordes … Continue reading Last Words Before Brutal Death by Hordes of Young Mormon Feminists

Feeling Better Better Better

A few months ago I expressed my concern that once my mental health started improving, I wouldn't have anything left to blog about. Now after about a month of slow posting, mostly reblogs and Poetry Fridays, let me say one thing: Mental health is not so bad. I'm no longer desperately clinging to, and then dejectedly hanging … Continue reading Feeling Better Better Better

Poetry Friday: For Drooble

For Drooble Gray speckles on a gray-green landscape, me a pink splotch, I march through the cemetery unafraid of the mothers and fathers and children sleeping in earth. Stone benches say, “Come sit awhile and think of us. This stone preserves our hospitality, like the jars we sealed our jam in, laughing with loved ones.” … Continue reading Poetry Friday: For Drooble

Why I Am Maney

I started this blog one year ago on the sixteenth. Some of you may have wondered why this blog is called "maney smiles back." Happy one year anniversary, folks. Here's the story: (Quick background: my siblings have called me Maney for years. I think it started in teasing: "Mane-again is a pain-again;" or maybe that stemmed from the nickname. … Continue reading Why I Am Maney