Poetry Friday: Debt

Debt You and I, we keep moving through space and time, arms and legs swooshing in the fourth dimension, eyes blinking and lips stretching and pursing. Lights flash in our heads and stars scatter thoughts to our nerves, our hands, our bones, our blood. Someday our eyes will see each other's eyes, and all this … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Debt


Poetry Friday: Keep You Close

Keep You Close Friend, you are far but I keep you close. I place my memories of you reading, dancing, driving, running in every beautiful moment I see. You are with me in my dreams, laughing, singing, talking, staring; whether sleeping or waking, I always invite you. Lover, in my heart I keep you close.

Death Will Grow My Jasmine

Today I opened the door and was greeted with a hearty gust of wind. It tugged on my flyaway curls and buffeted my face. The walk to the bus stop was spicier than usual, bits of dirt and leaves and twigs scratching my calves. It was the first day I wore shorts to school this … Continue reading Death Will Grow My Jasmine

Poetry Friday: For Drooble

For Drooble Gray speckles on a gray-green landscape, me a pink splotch, I march through the cemetery unafraid of the mothers and fathers and children sleeping in earth. Stone benches say, “Come sit awhile and think of us. This stone preserves our hospitality, like the jars we sealed our jam in, laughing with loved ones.” … Continue reading Poetry Friday: For Drooble

Cutting Strings

For a long time I had this image in my head of a bunch of helium balloons tied to the ground with strings, straining against their bonds, dancing a little in the breeze. I imagined taking a pair of scissors and, one by one, cutting them free, watching them fly into the never-never blue, watching … Continue reading Cutting Strings