Here’s Looking at You, Hope

Here's to crying yourself to sleep with the Finding Nemo theme playing, grounding you in unreachable hope. Here's to sleeping in out of fear of depression, only to realize that the day is bright and full of hope, and you feel better. Dear readers, don't you ever give up. Life seems like too great a … Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, Hope


“The List” or “I’d Like to Gnaw My Leg Off”

The engaged girl's eyelids droop with black goo, a flat smile taped on her mouth. She leans against her boy and determinedly suppresses her building scream of frustration as well-meaning women's words entrap her in a room of polite, civilized people. Conclusion: The only thing worse than a wedding shower is planning one. #ohlookmylegnomnomnom

Concentrating Is Hard Today

So, is the new Gravatar a little too intimidating? I’m almost embarrassed when my family walks in on me scrutinizing my blog design (while avoiding my own salacious gaze). Really, people, if it’s too much, send up a flare. I’d hate to have you avoid this site because you’re ashamed to see me cyber flirting … Continue reading Concentrating Is Hard Today

Poetry Friday: Then and Now

Then and Now I travel in my mind from that memory— foamy ocean wave creeping up my toes, feet, ankles, slow as a weary sigh, as I blink my eyes once, that blue landscape of water and sky darkening behind tired eyelids, losing my surroundings as the wave eases up to my calves, and my … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Then and Now

Poetry Friday: Cutting Strings

I wrote a piece called Cutting Strings in April 2014; this is the poem version of it. Cutting Strings A bouquet of balloons strains against its bonds, dancing in the breeze with its anchor of ground. I imagine releasing them with scissors, one, two, three, more, watching them fly into the never-never blue, and they shrink into … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Cutting Strings

Puzzling to Peace

*trigger warning* (I should probably go back and add that warning to like half my posts...) Maney is a puzzle that I'm trying to piece together. It's like I am separate from Maney, and I need to get her back in gear to live and hopefully someday desire life. One thing I like to do is read. … Continue reading Puzzling to Peace