Poetry Friday: White Ribbons

White Ribbons The white house on the corner, with lavender blooms tracing the fence till fall, where the little girl had worn her hair up, hiding behind her sharpened pencil. Worn her hair up, blonde curls in white ribbons. Molly read her fairytales in the treetops, dreaming of walnuts, and castles, and red trolleys. Sunlight … Continue reading Poetry Friday: White Ribbons


Poetry Friday: Three Years Later

(For Mrs. Hogan) Three Years Later They warned me since the beginning that Honors Pre-Calc was tough. I watched Andrew, Zach, and Doug do work using theta, vectors, and stuff. The teacher, a gal affectionately known as a homework corrector from Heck, was petite with a smile that was fast as a flash and a … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Three Years Later


So this is real: I would never be the person I am without the people I've known over my lifetime. Some examples are my parents, my teachers, my best friends, and my enemies. And ever since I posted that video of my brother's band, I feel like, what if I could post a couple more … Continue reading Credits


This is for my sweetheart. It always amazes me that after the things I've gone through, I can still find a place in my black and smoking heart to keep him. I feel so mangled sometimes, like a crushed china plate, or a grimy, cobwebbed window, or a hopeless love song lost at sea. I'm … Continue reading Querido

Concerning Love

Christmas is coming up and it makes me wonder what I want from Santa. People keep reminding me that Christmas is nine days away, eight days away, one week away... but for some reason, the actual day of opening presents doesn't mean as much to me as it used to. A lot of my loved … Continue reading Concerning Love