Poetry Friday: Baby Words

Baby Words I thought my heart had reached its maximum capacity, little one. But when I saw you so tiny in your black and white world, I fell in love with a stranger. I don't know you but I can't wait to. I can't wait for all the hats I'm going to make you that … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Baby Words


Stories and a Shameless Plug

Happy December first! This was me on Thanksgiving morning: I have three family parties in the next three days. Shoot me. Stuff me. Mount me. However, they all went better than I expected. I think the trick is to set your expectations very low and be pleasantly surprised. Right now in life I feel really vulnerable. Being … Continue reading Stories and a Shameless Plug

Does it matter?

A few months back I did a lot of service for someone I care deeply for. I spent several hours helping him or her with tasks that were hard on me physically and emotionally, but I did it anyway because I love this person. Last week, however, when this person was talking about this trial and … Continue reading Does it matter?

Concerning Love

Christmas is coming up and it makes me wonder what I want from Santa. People keep reminding me that Christmas is nine days away, eight days away, one week away... but for some reason, the actual day of opening presents doesn't mean as much to me as it used to. A lot of my loved … Continue reading Concerning Love