Unemployment, Netflix, and the Postponement of my Childhood Dreams

I had an interview today that didn't go as well as I hoped it would. To be fair, when I shook the interviewer's hand and left her office, I was feeling pretty confident. But it's been about twelve hours since we talked, and in that time I've thought of about a dozen things I wish I had … Continue reading Unemployment, Netflix, and the Postponement of my Childhood Dreams


Poetry Friday: The Dreaming Boy

The Dreaming Boy The earth, it speaks of the dreaming boy; the trees, they echo his name. The brilliant sun in the summer sky remembers the day he came. His steps, they fell on the cobbled path in a steadily crooked beat, with a white dove in his outstretched hand and gold soles beneath his … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Dreaming Boy

Poetry Friday: Fierce Love

Fierce Love Black clouds blanket the sunset and warm winds tug me home. My evening walk is followed by thunder, the smell of rain breezing in through windows thrown open for airflow. You see, two scents melt my defenses: one is rain, the other you. Rain heals the earth tonight, battering the rooftops and spattering … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Fierce Love

Poetry Friday: The Gallery

The Gallery The art gallery is quiet, but not silent; beautiful, but not perfect; reverent, but not sacred. The artists’ thoughts hang in the air, so thick inside my lungs and hands I could reach out and take them. Art must be the stuff of dreams, or so, to me, it seems. If I breathe … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Gallery

Plans Change and Oh Well

My sister introduced me to a bunch of YouTubers last night, so I'm actually super distracted by Tyler Oakley right now, but here goes anyway. I used to be concerned that if I got better I would have nothing to blog about. Well, my fears are being realized. Of course this is a good thing, but since I … Continue reading Plans Change and Oh Well

Why I Am Maney

I started this blog one year ago on the sixteenth. Some of you may have wondered why this blog is called "maney smiles back." Happy one year anniversary, folks. Here's the story: (Quick background: my siblings have called me Maney for years. I think it started in teasing: "Mane-again is a pain-again;" or maybe that stemmed from the nickname. … Continue reading Why I Am Maney