Poetry Friday: Our Cause

Our Cause Believe me that I care for equality. My life testifies to me again and again of its importance. Believe me that I have words, more words than you know. My tears testify to God and me and everyone that I’m one part broken and one part healing, the pieces fusing together into a makeshift … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Our Cause


Poetry Friday: The Dreaming Boy

The Dreaming Boy The earth, it speaks of the dreaming boy; the trees, they echo his name. The brilliant sun in the summer sky remembers the day he came. His steps, they fell on the cobbled path in a steadily crooked beat, with a white dove in his outstretched hand and gold soles beneath his … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Dreaming Boy

I’ll Be Okay

A girl likes a boy, and sometimes loves him. She gets on fine without him for many years. They keep in contact and make each other laugh. She misses him often but it gets better with time. She grows up and learns about herself and the world. She feels her heart expanding past the boy … Continue reading I’ll Be Okay


There will always be voices. Voices that tell you what you are. Where you'll go. Who you can be. There will always be voices, and only you can choose which voices you believe. Last week I was playing with a toddler who asked me to help him set up his train tracks in a circle. Later, while he … Continue reading Voices

Karma (or what I consider Good Consequences)

The most important moment of the day is when we fall asleep. During the day, we get so many options, right from the moment we open our eyes. For me, it's choices like what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, whether to take this or that bus, whether to go to school, who to sit … Continue reading Karma (or what I consider Good Consequences)

Foolishly Happy

I am not filled with flowery words tonight, but I want to write on the topic of choosing. For example, the older I get, the more I realize I don't know. Sometimes it bothers me that my mind, my only tool with which to perceive life, is inadequately informed about the world. But other times it … Continue reading Foolishly Happy

Hats Off to DFW

My AP English teacher first introduced me to David Foster Wallace's speech "This is Water." Few literary passages have changed my life so profoundly as this one did. I hope that everyone within earshot of my cyber voice will read it and try to understand it and do something because of it. Read it--go on! … Continue reading Hats Off to DFW