A Quick Ode to Autumn

I am so excited that autumn is finally starting to show itself in the valley! It comes with the start of school, cooling temperatures, leaves on the ground and the slow approach of the holidays. Autumn is the mother hen season, tucking us all under her wings of warm gold and brilliant auburn and rich, silky red. It's a time for hugs and … Continue reading A Quick Ode to Autumn


The Run and Go

Sometimes life is beautiful and we capture a piece of it to share. The girl in the video is my friend. I call her Phil. We made this together. ("The Run and Go" by Twenty One Pilots)

Blog Posts That Lead to More Blog Posts

I don't know if this counts as a post. I've had a lot of topics on my mind lately and I'm trying to pull my brain together enough to write on them, because when topics really matter, they deserve to read like art. Anyway, hopefully I'll get around to them, though it's been crazy lately, what with … Continue reading Blog Posts That Lead to More Blog Posts

Summits, Pills, and the Hand of God

Thirteen months ago, give or take a few weeks, I started taking happy pills to deal with the all-encompassing depression that had entered into my daily life. I remember how hard it was at the beginning. The pills made me really nauseous so I didn't want to eat anything, which made me lose several pounds … Continue reading Summits, Pills, and the Hand of God


I pray for trials because I know they bring me closer to God. This habit of mine has become something of a family joke; my family says I should leave them out of these prayers because they have enough trials. I think it's true and I try hard to get the point across to my … Continue reading Trials

Hats Off to DFW

My AP English teacher first introduced me to David Foster Wallace's speech "This is Water." Few literary passages have changed my life so profoundly as this one did. I hope that everyone within earshot of my cyber voice will read it and try to understand it and do something because of it. Read it--go on! … Continue reading Hats Off to DFW