Poetry Friday: Then and Now

Then and Now I travel in my mind from that memory— foamy ocean wave creeping up my toes, feet, ankles, slow as a weary sigh, as I blink my eyes once, that blue landscape of water and sky darkening behind tired eyelids, losing my surroundings as the wave eases up to my calves, and my … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Then and Now


The Run and Go

Sometimes life is beautiful and we capture a piece of it to share. The girl in the video is my friend. I call her Phil. We made this together. ("The Run and Go" by Twenty One Pilots)

I Miss Crying

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with depression and I started seeing a counselor. I don't even know how to describe those months preceding my first appointment. Have you ever wanted to die? I'm sorry. I get it. There are no words. This counselor recommended I take antidepressants, so I got on and off the pills in … Continue reading I Miss Crying

Hats Off to DFW

My AP English teacher first introduced me to David Foster Wallace's speech "This is Water." Few literary passages have changed my life so profoundly as this one did. I hope that everyone within earshot of my cyber voice will read it and try to understand it and do something because of it. Read it--go on! … Continue reading Hats Off to DFW