Getting Doodley

(Hey, y'all, I wanted to try this form of blogging. It's probably a one-time thing.) I call myself Maney and I like to write. I'm learning guitar, I love ice cream, and sea otters are my favorite animals. I doodle so much it's not even funny. During school, during church, in my journal, etc. So … Continue reading Getting Doodley


Poetry Friday: A Favor

A Favor Rainbows in my eyelashes listening while you talk letters when your days are blue lips that close and lock hands that paint the world in light thoughts that touch your heart words that lift the aching soul making song and art finding time to hold you close love that knows no end-- keep … Continue reading Poetry Friday: A Favor

Poetry Friday: The Gallery

The Gallery The art gallery is quiet, but not silent; beautiful, but not perfect; reverent, but not sacred. The artists’ thoughts hang in the air, so thick inside my lungs and hands I could reach out and take them. Art must be the stuff of dreams, or so, to me, it seems. If I breathe … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Gallery

Poetry Friday: Decisions

Decisions Convinced that my steps are too loud, and wondering what my butt looks like while running on this long-avoided treadmill, I decide to love myself like a friend. I decide to think my butt looks hot. Why not? I decide that any stares will be in awe of the running girl with the decidedly … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Decisions


The keyboard keeps calling to me. It coaxes me closer and closer to a blank white screen, ripe for a plaster of black font. Every day I ignore the pull, shushing it for just a little longer, just a while more. I tell it that I will never be known for my writing. I tell it that … Continue reading Shackles

Jack Black, Thank You

I'm really grateful for people who put together funny movies with inspirational messages and gift-wrap them in Jack Black ribbons and paper. The couch and I watched School of Rock (again) tonight, and, man. There's nothing like a good movie to set you free from the anxieties of life. I'll be honest, I don't know much about Jack … Continue reading Jack Black, Thank You