A Quick Blog Insider

Hello, I am planning on revamping this blog soon. Smiling picture (seems appropriate, right?), adding contact information, changing the Facebook page a bit, reblogging old posts. You know why? Because I am wondering whether this blog is ever going to earn me some kind of income or fame (tbh that would be nice), and I figure … Continue reading A Quick Blog Insider


Getting Doodley

(Hey, y'all, I wanted to try this form of blogging. It's probably a one-time thing.) I call myself Maney and I like to write. I'm learning guitar, I love ice cream, and sea otters are my favorite animals. I doodle so much it's not even funny. During school, during church, in my journal, etc. So … Continue reading Getting Doodley

“This Terror”: Happily Never After (Essay on Dracula)

This is the English final that got a five percent deduction for lateness. I didn't include the references because I'm a huge sass, and also because I don't want people copy-pasting this for their own devices. Anyway, it was really fun to write, though by no means is it a perfectly edited and crafted piece. (Seven pages … Continue reading “This Terror”: Happily Never After (Essay on Dracula)

I’m Giving Up This Whole Lie

Team, I am quite bamboozled. Indeed, I am not confused. I am not mixed up. I am not even flummoxed. I am bamboozed. (Prepare yourself for an immature rant.) Question: Why does every boy I am even vaguely interested in seem to enjoy playing with my emotions? I think it is my own fault. I think … Continue reading I’m Giving Up This Whole Lie


Just so y'all know, I'm actually really really excited for you to read my Poetry Friday tomorrow... I really like this one. I wrote it while I was in San Francisco, amid that beautiful seascape. Spoiler: half of the poem is set in slow motion. Anyway, happy Friday! (Tomorrow.)

Poetry Friday: The Gallery

The Gallery The art gallery is quiet, but not silent; beautiful, but not perfect; reverent, but not sacred. The artists’ thoughts hang in the air, so thick inside my lungs and hands I could reach out and take them. Art must be the stuff of dreams, or so, to me, it seems. If I breathe … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Gallery

The Run and Go

Sometimes life is beautiful and we capture a piece of it to share. The girl in the video is my friend. I call her Phil. We made this together. ("The Run and Go" by Twenty One Pilots)