Poetry Friday: Late Night Poetry

Late Night Poetry Late night poetry up with the full moon quite house, quiet girl so self-absorbed so lost in worries lonely lover, little girl with a lover far away one room lit in a dark house wide eye stares in the night window to a soul heavy with life little girl lies in darkness, … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Late Night Poetry


Poetry Friday: Empty

Empty Picture frame, lifeless shell without a name. All your friends look just the same. Blank. Crystal vase, simple curves and heavy base. Flowerless, you hide your face. Hollow. Diamond ring, round a finger you would cling. Unworn, you don’t mean a thing. Abandoned.

Poetry Friday: Library Distractions

Library Distractions White swirls down in this stone and crystal atrium, a life-size snow globe.

Poetry Friday: Mortality

Mortality A cemetery: If this is all we come to, it will be okay.

Poetry Friday: The View

The View Slow river flowing white jade in the morning light; silver in the night.

Poetry Friday: The Old Oak Door

The Old Oak Door They beat the old oak door with metal, hot With orange flame, they cast a holy scene Through windows of stained glass, an afterthought Of sacred things that men have turned obscene. The pastor in the chapel holds his face And worships at the feet of Christ the Lord; The mob … Continue reading Poetry Friday: The Old Oak Door

Poetry Friday: Sleep Reflection

Sleep Reflection Waking to the chill of morning, I open my eyes close the window turn off the blaring alarm turn on my loud music throw off my PJs and pull on a sweater and jeans because it’s cool outside. It’s warm in my bedroom so I strip off my clothes and put on light … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Sleep Reflection