Three Tips for Goal Achievement: Lessons in Jogging

Today, for the first time in months, I went jogging. To be clear, I really dislike jogging. And yet, jog I did. It took three different realizations to motivate me to make the decision to do it, and I'd like to share them with you here. Who knows? Maybe my experience could help you. Number … Continue reading Three Tips for Goal Achievement: Lessons in Jogging



There will always be voices. Voices that tell you what you are. Where you'll go. Who you can be. There will always be voices, and only you can choose which voices you believe. Last week I was playing with a toddler who asked me to help him set up his train tracks in a circle. Later, while he … Continue reading Voices

Plans Change and Oh Well

My sister introduced me to a bunch of YouTubers last night, so I'm actually super distracted by Tyler Oakley right now, but here goes anyway. I used to be concerned that if I got better I would have nothing to blog about. Well, my fears are being realized. Of course this is a good thing, but since I … Continue reading Plans Change and Oh Well

What Santa Taught Me This Year

Every year my parents instruct us to write a note to Santa to put with the milk and cookies. This year I was the only child who conceded, but only because I had the ulterior motive of pointing the finger of blame at a certain jolly old man. I wrote a letter to him asking questions … Continue reading What Santa Taught Me This Year

What We Need

(Obviously many of you are spending December in different ways. I wish I could be more politically correct with this blog, but I've celebrated Christmas my entire life, and I can only write about what I know. I'm sorry.) I feel a constant pressure to be better. It's partly my mental illnesses and partly my environment. Wanting to be … Continue reading What We Need


My counselor recently grilled me on how I need to be proud of myself and my life. She tried to get me to own up to all these supposedly good things about me, but it was so hard. This round, my depression has made me feel worthless. And since I just realized that that is a problem, I've … Continue reading Pride

I Miss Crying

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with depression and I started seeing a counselor. I don't even know how to describe those months preceding my first appointment. Have you ever wanted to die? I'm sorry. I get it. There are no words. This counselor recommended I take antidepressants, so I got on and off the pills in … Continue reading I Miss Crying