about maney

I’m Maney. It’s pronounced like the state, with a y. Maine-y. Though I’m from Utah, not Maine. Sorry if that confused you.

I love to read and write. I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD (and probably umpteen other mental ailments I have yet to discover). I’ve had loved ones die, lifelong dreams shattered, my heart thoroughly broken, and serious thoughts of suicide, but I keep moving forward. I keep writing. With this blog I’ve helped heal others and be healed myself.

Most importantly, I’m Christian. I feel totally undeserving of the love Jesus Christ has for me. I write about Him sometimes. He’s really wonderful.

Anyway, I’m another average human whose life sometimes feels unbearable, so you can hang out with me. Figuratively. If you ask me to actually hang out with you, I’ll probably decline. I have some serious reading, cleaning, and being alone to do.

* * *

Twitter, in my opinion, is for extroverts, but I like it because it’s my daily source of left-wing opinions and humorous strings of words. https://twitter.com/maneysmilesback

I created a “maney smiles back” page on Facebook for people who don’t blog or tweet and want updates on blog posts. De nada. https://www.facebook.com/maneysmilesback

And also, if all that wasn’t enough, sometimes I post YouTube videos. maneysmilesback on YouTube

* * *

© [maneysmilesback] [2017] [Content is free to all as long as you give Maney credit and share a link back to her site.]

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