Do It Badly: Baby Steps to Progress

I have the words “do it badly” written on my wrist in blue ink today because I skimmed over an article about anxiety this morning which suggested I make that my motto.

Do it badly.

My takeaway was, don’t be overcome by your perfectionism and do nothing. Decide that you can fail at what you want to do and just do it.

There have been some things lately that have seemed pretty overwhelming. Like, I am trying to learn how to develop websites with HTML and CSS, and there is SO SO SO much that I don’t even know I don’t know. Or, I’ve been reading about how to get paid for writing through freelancing, and it seems so out of reach.

Life is complicated, especially for worriers like me (and maybe you).

So today I am going to go hard at all the things I have been afraid of lately. Just because I have sat still too long worrying about doing things badly, I have done nothing.

So here’s to failure!



Smile back

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