Streams of Mercy

The snow has been coming and going. Mostly coming.

I haven’t written you for a long while and I’m sorry. Not because I think you have suffered at all from my lack of correspondence, but because I look over the last few empty months and realize I didn’t write about anything I’ve been through.

I finally got a job and it is quite nice. I’m working with at-risk youth at a residential treatment center. I’m exploring the field of social work right now and so far it has been rewarding, though tiring.

My husband has been cooking new dishes lately. Last night I had gumbo for the first time. I really liked it. He added kale, which tasted fine, though I had been under the impression that kale shreds your insides? I think I heard that from a family member.

People are marching all over the world. I’m glad that some people let their passion fuel them into action. I drown my passion in Netflix and naps.

I’ve started preparing a lesson I will have to give in church in a few months. Lately I have been impressed to talk about relying on the Savior, as well as bringing the Atonement to the forefront of our lives. The interesting thing to me is that I believe that the Lord loves me, is always with me, and has a plan for me, but I forget about this belief 99% of the time. Sure, I believe it’s true, but it isn’t going to do much for me if I don’t let that knowledge change my daily, hourly perspective on life.

My anxiety has been bothering me more lately. I find deep breathing helps me cope. Cuddling is also positive, and I’d recommend it if you have the means.

My little family of two is so blessed. We have so much. So often my mind and heart get weighed down worrying, but I try to remember how good I have it.

I hope you are all doing quite, quite well.


Smile back

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