Poetry Friday: It’s Not Supposed to Be Funny

It’s Not Supposed to Be Funny It’s not supposed to be funny. It’s cresting again, the dark tide rising inside, and the outlets are closed, rusty, marred by disuse. Black thoughts run free— unwanted, scorned— yet free in my mind. I laugh but only for the fix. The darkness feeds me, grounds me, and the … Continue reading Poetry Friday: It’s Not Supposed to Be Funny


5 Reminders For Anyone Who’s Depressed

If you struggle with depression, READ THIS. It’s perf.
Love you all. ❤

Let's Queer Things Up!

I’m a little over two weeks into a depressive episode. According to my therapist, anyway. I’ve been a human slug, inching my way around my apartment, dramatically sighing and eating microwave meals and watching the dishes stack up in the sink.

You know the deal.

This, just two months after being hospitalized (can I just catch a break?). You’d think that all the intensive therapies, support groups, medication changes, and workbooks would have prevented this. But alas, here I am – sometimes depression manages to get a foot in the door despite your best efforts.

Sometimes when I’m entering into a depressive episode, I like to write down reminders that I want to hold onto as I go through it. They can be affirmations, reality checks, or words of wisdom.

Anything, really, to keep some perspective when I’m dealing with my episode. I try to write down the words I think…

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A Short Story: Be Happy

  Be Happy I wrote a quick note and posted it by the kitchen light switch. “Be happy.” I rolled my eyes as I imagined friends and loved ones puzzling over that choice of last words for years after I was gone. Was I being sincere, like I was commanding them to be happy now … Continue reading A Short Story: Be Happy