Walking in the Dark

I started a master’s program this week, thanks to some familial financial generosity.

Last night I stayed on campus until midnight while writing the first paper of my graduate degree. Facepalm. Once I printed off the paper and headed out across campus to my car, all the statistics about college campus rapes started running through my head. Thankfully, I had several protective measures within reach. I pulled my bottle of mace out of my backpack and put it in my pocket, safety off. I arranged my keys between my fingers to add extra pain to any punch I might land. I pulled a whistle (fondly referred to as my “rape whistle”) out of my purse and clutched it in my hand, ready to blow. With my phone at ready access and my walk as confident as I could manage, I kept to the lamp light and scrutinized the shadows. I made it to my car without incident, but I wonder…

Do men arm themselves to feel safer in the dark?


Smile back

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