the queen of the raptors

Dear Readers, if you are interested in hearing about my life, I am having an easier time lately communicating through bunny doodles. I therefore direct you to my new experimental blog: 🙂 Stay tuned for further Maney-related updates.

The Bunnies Who Try

This weekend my fiance and I had to drive to our parents’ homes to see our families, work on wedding preparations, and (in my case) attend a rip-roarin’ summer sleepover party with girl friends. Everything went great, but there was one problem: I didn’t get to bed until 3 a.m. on two separate nights. As you can imagine, I spent much of church with my head in my lap, trying and failing to lull myself to sleep in exhausted desperation.

*imagine a bunny that is comically slumped forward on a church pew, I don’t feel like drawing it right now, I’m still really tired*

After church on Sunday, we visited a friend’s house to bond over tortillas and sing hymns around a piano. As the hours ticked by, I could feel my strength waning, along with my patience. My friends may have had the gumption to sing on key, harmonize–heck, even socialize, but…

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a typical day

Look I did a doodle of some bunnies on a different WordPress site. Maybe this will become a routine. Who knows.

The Bunnies Who Try

I live near my fiancé in a college town. He’s in school and I just graduated. We’re getting married this summer, but before then I have to find a job. It stresses me out. I imagine us as bunnies. Here is a typical day.

This is me. I have depression.


I like to call him when his classes get out. He asks what I’m doing.


This is what I’ve been doing today.


But I don’t want him to know that.


He’s always a lot more busy (and optimistic) than I am.


He makes me happy. And tired.


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Seeing Things Differently: A Case For Love

“For me, the missing link all along was love.” I love these heartfelt thoughts on unconditional self-worth, needless judgement, and the Savior’s life-changing Atonement.


Lately, I have become more aware of how easily I link people’s actions to my overall perception of their worth as a person. It is a really ugly habit that I am working on. I find it so hard to not impose my own set of personal standards onto other people. On the one hand, I don’t think that it is good to simply pass over sin and numb our standards to a point where we have an “anything goes” attitude. On the other hand, I believe that it is far worse to see people as their sins or to condemn others solely based on our limited understanding of their lives.

A few weeks ago I found myself in such a dilemma as I reflected over the choices that a friend of mine was making in their life. I caught myself dangerously falling into the routine of trying to impose…

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Walking in the Dark

I started a master’s program this week, thanks to some familial financial generosity.

Last night I stayed on campus until midnight while writing the first paper of my graduate degree. Facepalm. Once I printed off the paper and headed out across campus to my car, all the statistics about college campus rapes started running through my head. Thankfully, I had several protective measures within reach. I pulled my bottle of mace out of my backpack and put it in my pocket, safety off. I arranged my keys between my fingers to add extra pain to any punch I might land. I pulled a whistle (fondly referred to as my “rape whistle”) out of my purse and clutched it in my hand, ready to blow. With my phone at ready access and my walk as confident as I could manage, I kept to the lamp light and scrutinized the shadows. I made it to my car without incident, but I wonder…

Do men arm themselves to feel safer in the dark?