the queen of the raptors

Dear Readers, if you are interested in hearing about my life, I am having an easier time lately communicating through bunny doodles. I therefore direct you to my new experimental blog: 🙂 Stay tuned for further Maney-related updates.

The Bunnies Who Try

This weekend my fiance and I had to drive to our parents’ homes to see our families, work on wedding preparations, and (in my case) attend a rip-roarin’ summer sleepover party with girl friends. Everything went great, but there was one problem: I didn’t get to bed until 3 a.m. on two separate nights. As you can imagine, I spent much of church with my head in my lap, trying and failing to lull myself to sleep in exhausted desperation.

*imagine a bunny that is comically slumped forward on a church pew, I don’t feel like drawing it right now, I’m still really tired*

After church on Sunday, we visited a friend’s house to bond over tortillas and sing hymns around a piano. As the hours ticked by, I could feel my strength waning, along with my patience. My friends may have had the gumption to sing on key, harmonize–heck, even socialize, but…

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a typical day

Look I did a doodle of some bunnies on a different WordPress site. Maybe this will become a routine. Who knows.

The Bunnies Who Try

I live near my fiancé in a college town. He’s in school and I just graduated. We’re getting married this summer, but before then I have to find a job. It stresses me out. I imagine us as bunnies. Here is a typical day.

This is me. I have depression.


I like to call him when his classes get out. He asks what I’m doing.


This is what I’ve been doing today.


But I don’t want him to know that.


He’s always a lot more busy (and optimistic) than I am.


He makes me happy. And tired.


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Seeing Things Differently: A Case For Love

“For me, the missing link all along was love.” I love these heartfelt thoughts on unconditional self-worth, needless judgement, and the Savior’s life-changing Atonement.


Lately, I have become more aware of how easily I link people’s actions to my overall perception of their worth as a person. It is a really ugly habit that I am working on. I find it so hard to not impose my own set of personal standards onto other people. On the one hand, I don’t think that it is good to simply pass over sin and numb our standards to a point where we have an “anything goes” attitude. On the other hand, I believe that it is far worse to see people as their sins or to condemn others solely based on our limited understanding of their lives.

A few weeks ago I found myself in such a dilemma as I reflected over the choices that a friend of mine was making in their life. I caught myself dangerously falling into the routine of trying to impose…

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