My Capital-T Truth

Dear humans who read this,

I hope that the holidays treat you well. I hope they are filled with joy and love, and that all your dreams come true. I hope you look back on December 2015 as one of the best times of your life, and that you move forward into 2016 with renewed energy and hope.

But if you are struggling, if you feel alone or depressed or abandoned or empty, if darkness surrounds you and you don’t see a light ahead in your future, lift up your eyes.

There is always hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we never need lose faith in a better tomorrow. His Atonement will make up for every unfair thing in this life. It is with His light that I have survived some of the darkest nights of my life. I know that He loves me, and if He loves me, then He certainly loves you, too.

Don’t give up. There is always light ahead. I understand hopelessness, and the anger that can result from it. I have turned from God and lashed out at Him in prayer, blaming Him for struggles and pains that we all inevitably face in our earth life. I know that He knows me by name, and He is constantly aware of me, of my desires and my needs. He knows me better than I know myself, and still He loves me.

Hold on to that hope. Take whatever embers of light you have inside you and let His love make them brighter. I testify that good will triumph over evil. I feel it deep in my bones, an undeniable truth in my soul. He will come again, and He will bring peace and rest for His faithful children.

This is the greatest gift I can give to you, my readers: I give you my testimony of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, my Savior. He lives, He loves us, and we can choose every day to follow Him and let Him heal us.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and an amazing new year!

Much much love,


Poetry Friday: Mortality


A cemetery:
If this is all we come to,
it will be okay.

Poetry Friday: The View

The View

Slow river flowing
white jade in the morning light;
silver in the night.

open letter to a young swan

So I wrote this poem for a class and thought it would be appropriate for YMF. Fingers crossed that this isn’t grounds for excommunication. 😉 Love you all!

Young Mormon Feminists

My dear self,
I have a few things to say to you.
You came out of high school on top
with no babies or rap sheets, no debt, no addictions,
but life has been painful.
Life weighs on your shoulders, a battle fought internally.
You take swirling trains of thought in your mind,
constantly struggling to figure out who you are.
I know that right now it does not seem like everything is going to be okay.
You are worried that you do not fit in.

But it is more than that.
You have never really fit in with the girls, have you?
You have always liked boys better.
Boys are easier to be yourself with.
You can easily be a girl in a group of boys.
In a group of girls, you feel like a giraffe.
Tall, square knees, frizzy hair, big hands, big feet, big nose; big everything.

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