when things are scary (or when the media is God)

“While the world may seem to be falling down around us and things are scary, we can find the small glimmers of light and extend that light to the rest of the world.”
I SO needed to hear this today. *sigh*

Young Mormon Feminists

patti smith

When I was a kid, I often found myself laying on my bed, listening to music and staring at the ceiling. It was my way of processing my emotions.

I found myself doing the same thing today.

I’ve been very overwhelmed lately. I have felt so many emotions, mostly fear and sadness. First it was the Church’s new policy about same sex marriage and children, then it was Paris (yes, I know about the other recent violent attacks as well). Also, the refugee crisis and the GOPs reaction to a real, human tragedy and death has left me scared and hopeless for the state of my home country. On top of this is continued gun violence in the States. The news media (and social media) has used fear and war mongering to work society into a tizzy and it’s working.

I was blessed/cursed with a very intense heart…

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Stay, life. Staaay… Good life!

I'm gone for a month and WordPress has already changed? Seriously? So this is what has been happening: I've been unduly anxious (I know you're all so shocked), mostly because I've been agonizing over complicated life crap, such as thinking of my future, certain church policy changes recently made public, and other such magical events. Not to … Continue reading Stay, life. Staaay… Good life!