Poetry Friday: The Blue-Gray Dome

The Blue-Gray Dome

I misplaced myself a little while,
lay on the balcony with a jean quilt
looking at the stars.

The blue-gray sky domed over me,
draped over the mountains and the city.
Dewdrops hung from invisible strings and
crickets sang a chorus of night,
a song to carry my soul to sleep
in a lonely land of inhales and exhales.

Cool autumn wind danced from my toes
to tickle my face, blowing under the quilt.

I memorized the scene of silhouette branches
and tiny hurried satellites,
faint light spilling out the window.

Wrapped snug in the patterns of blue,
the varied stitches of white,
I closed my eyes and shivered,
warm and cold all at once.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Blue-Gray Dome

  1. Is it just me, or does the media of posting on blogs prevent real descriptive sharing?

    What I mean is, I looked at this piece today, and I thought it was okay… Yes, okay.

    I saw a million places where it could be improved or where your writing could grow. Ever since we met I’ve felt this way…

    So why, when I browse wordpress do I have this say nothing unless I have something nice to say? Don’t you find it weird that we don’t critique other’s writing more on wordpress. Even just from a purely analytical standpoint?


    • You are entitled to your own opinion, of course, but I don’t ask for critique on my personal blog. If readers dislike my work, they are free to withdraw their attention.

      I think your questions are interesting, but would be more appropriate for debate in a different context.


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