Poetry Friday: Not Sorry

Not Sorry Too late, I’m thinking back on today when I lied. I’m uncomfortable with the lie in my mouth. But you asked what I couldn’t say, a secret I’m not ready to give. I’m sorry I lied, but it’s too late, too late to take it back; I wouldn’t anyway.


Poetry Friday: Mine

Mine A ghost came to the house last night, awakened by the full moon’s glow. Shadows twisted in the curtains and bones scratched the window. Floors creaked and rafters moaned and doors slammed in the halls. Windows shook and rattled while shrieks echoed though the walls. One howl sounded through the night sending shivers up … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Mine

You’re Not a Sad Story

I'm writing this late at night which is usually a bad idea, since my thoughts can be so disjointed and my writing tends to get pretty wonky. But I want to say something: Lately I feel like I've been carried out of a really terrible trial, and my heart is slowly opening up to let in … Continue reading You’re Not a Sad Story