Poetry Friday: A Favor

A Favor

Rainbows in my eyelashes
listening while you talk
letters when your days are blue
lips that close and lock

hands that paint the world in light
thoughts that touch your heart
words that lift the aching soul
making song and art

finding time to hold you close
love that knows no end–
keep in mind my good points, too
when you talk with your friends.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Favor

  1. Last line nailed it. Personally, I believe that being able to write a new piece every week is commendable. 🙂

    What I am curious to know is – do you ever have a writer’s block on a Poetry Friday?


    • Thanks for commenting! I like your style of writing. 🙂
      Actually… I do not write a new piece every Friday. I have unintentionally fooled you! I totally get writer’s block on Poetry Friday, and Monday, Wednesday, etc. For this reason, I prepare my Poetry Friday post early and schedule it on WordPress. I either write a new poem or choose one of my past pieces to publish. What’s important to me is not writing a piece of poetry every week, but that my readers get a weekly poem. Besides, poetry isn’t an exercise in writing so much as a form of art and human connection.

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