the young women’s theme gets a makeover

This piece discusses how Mormons should reform what we focus on for the spiritual education of our 12-18-yr-old young women. “We should teach them to rely on God and to emulate the life of their Savior, Jesus Christ. By doing this, we can raise a new generation in the Church… of powerhouse women who will one day be our strong leaders in a push for equality and greater change.”

Young Mormon Feminists

guest post by Shakira Johnson

[reposted with permission from Shakira’s blog, Channeling the Feminine Divine – A Woman’s Search for Her Inherent Nature. Original link can be found here.]

I remember reciting the Young Women’s theme every single Sunday of my teenage years. I remember jumping up at the prompt “please stand as daughters of God.” I was thrilled to recite the values by which I lived my life each and every day, delighted to rattle off the lifestyles that set me apart from my peers.

But now, I am an adult. My years of Young Womanhood are long gone (well, I mean, I’m still pretty young, but that is beside the point), and since my “graduation” from the program, I have come to understand that the Young Women values are incredibly skewed. The whole Young Women organization as a concept, along with its theme, values, and Personal Progress…

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One thought on “the young women’s theme gets a makeover

  1. Thank you so much for the repost and for taking the time to read what I have to say! I feel very passionate about this issue and I really do believe that the future is bright in the hands of our young people. A few things do need to change, though. But I think the Big People are working on that. 🙂

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