Poetry Friday: What Is Love?

(Once upon a time I was a hopeless romantic. Those were the days.)

What Is Love?

Love is a new beginning,
love is the last word,
love is the “happily ever after,”
love is all you need.

Love is a song sung by angels.
Love is a story told by dreamers.
Love is two pairs of eyes locked together
with no hope of escape.

Love is the moment of stillness
when you wake up in the morning,
and all the world holds its breath
as you first open your eyes.

Love is discovering,
and remembering.

Love is a suit coat around my shoulders;
singing together in the car;
kissing while making breakfast;
roses drying in my bedroom.

Love moves the artist’s paintbrush,
love wakes the sleeping child,
love ties the world together,
love is warm and bright and wild.

Love is you, you, you, you, you,
and me.

Love is us.


Smile back

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