Why Do Dieters Gain Their Weight Back?

I seriously love this woman. This post inspires me to love myself more–despite all the things the media says I should hate. I love this quote:
“Your body is like ‘No problem, I’ve evolved to survive famine let me just get those systems online. I’ll just get started lowering our metabolism.’ (In my mind your body talks like JARVIS from the Ironman movies, but that’s neither here nor there I suppose.)”

Dances With Fat

Success and DietsBefore we get into this I want to be clear that even if there were research showing that sustained weight loss is possible for most people (and there’s not) and even if there were research showing that weight loss (and not simply behavior changes regardless of weight change) increases the odds for health (and there’s not) fat people would still not have any obligation to attempt to be thin.  I also don’t want to oversimplify – people are lots of different sizes for lots of different reasons and our body size is nobody else’s business unless we ask them to make it their business.

The reason I want to talk about this is because I think that one of the persistent myths that allows the diet industry to increase their profits every year with a product that doesn’t work is the idea that  “well, people gain the weight back because…

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