The Lampire

The Lampire “Jacob! You just had to invite Michael, didn’t you?” Avery groaned. Her best friend, Cami, said, “Why are you complaining? Michael’s hot.” Avery snorted. “Only if you like tall, dark, and indifferent.” I poked my head out of the kitchen, a tightly sealed jar of salsa in my hands. My hands were sore … Continue reading The Lampire


Poetry Friday: Three Years Later

(For Mrs. Hogan) Three Years Later They warned me since the beginning that Honors Pre-Calc was tough. I watched Andrew, Zach, and Doug do work using theta, vectors, and stuff. The teacher, a gal affectionately known as a homework corrector from Heck, was petite with a smile that was fast as a flash and a … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Three Years Later

Poetry Friday: Then and Now

Then and Now I travel in my mind from that memory— foamy ocean wave creeping up my toes, feet, ankles, slow as a weary sigh, as I blink my eyes once, that blue landscape of water and sky darkening behind tired eyelids, losing my surroundings as the wave eases up to my calves, and my … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Then and Now


Just so y'all know, I'm actually really really excited for you to read my Poetry Friday tomorrow... I really like this one. I wrote it while I was in San Francisco, amid that beautiful seascape. Spoiler: half of the poem is set in slow motion. Anyway, happy Friday! (Tomorrow.)

To-Do: Self-Actualization

I met with a college advisement counselor today who advised me to meet with another advisement counselor. The first one, an elderly man with a warm smile, was checking off classes on a list, writing down programs and semester names, chatting about how education is truly the greatest profession. I smiled. I nodded. The whole … Continue reading To-Do: Self-Actualization

The Best Revenge: Leaping Buildings in a Single Bound

What a beautiful post; just what this human needed to hear: “It’s a big choice to make: churn in our revenge fantasies, do something constructive or laugh at our silliness.”

The Green Study

canstockphoto19248113Sometimes I imagine staring levelly at her and saying slowly, deliberately, with great enunciation, “You are a complete asshole” and then I’d walk away. It would be like a scene from Douglas Adam’s Life, the Universe and Everything when an immortal alien, bitter about his lot as an immortal, has decided to insult the universe – one living creature at a time. He lands on a planet, confirms the creature’s identity on his clipboard, makes eye contact, says “You are a jerk” and then flies away.

In reality, my antagonist would likely look at me, mouth agape, lip quivering. Maybe she’d start to cry. Then I’d backpedal with some excuse about having a bad day and that she’s not really an asshole, but she just did an asshole-ish thing. Or maybe she’d find a few choice words of her own to describe my loathsome character. And before you know it…

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Poetry Friday: What Is Love?

(Once upon a time I was a hopeless romantic. Those were the days.) What Is Love? Love is a new beginning, love is the last word, love is the “happily ever after,” love is all you need. Love is a song sung by angels. Love is a story told by dreamers. Love is two pairs of … Continue reading Poetry Friday: What Is Love?