Poetry Friday: Announcement

Announcement I'm quitting social media cold turkey. I guess see you later?


Throwback Essay: Quiet

All right, I'm super lazy today. I wrote this essay for school about two years ago. I feel like back then I was a lot more sassy, angst-y, and care...y. It's unedited except I added [brackets] to one word. I laughed when I read, "...I can find that secret place in my head where everything is okay..." Ha, … Continue reading Throwback Essay: Quiet

Here we Go

Oh my. Go check out benniegusto right now because he/she/it’s a rockin’ human. P.S. I seriously love C.S. Lewis!

Bennie Gusto

Traditionally I have not been much or a writer. I tend to be a visual person. I love watching videos but often find it hard to sit down and read what people have to say. I guess I should work on that. After all people often have very interesting things to say and many find this their only way to express that. I think it’s awesome that we live in a day and age when we can share these things with people all over the world. I figured I should give it a go.

I have been thinking of various themes I could follow and talk about on here. I could share stories about my life, movies I like, awesome music, school, family and church activities. For now I figure I will just make it a bit scatter brained and post whatever I’m feeling like.

So today I am feeling…

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Misogyny of the Heart

Just awesome.
“It took me years to realize that I didn’t fit, that nobody fits in these little boxes.”
“She knows who she is and everything else is just noise.”

The Green Study

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My daughter is becoming a girl. She’s always eschewed anything stereotypically feminine for that which is “cool” and rugged and associated with being a boy. She declared at four that she was a vegetarian and at seven that she was officially a tomboy. The transition to a developing body, to the social gymnastics of preteens and all the cultural expectations that come from being female have crept up on us.canstockphoto24377829I was surprised at the fear and anger and sadness that washed over me when thinking about the changes and lessons she will experience. While preteen advice is burgeoning with woman-positive messages, I sat glumly thinking about my miserable transitions into adolescence and adulthood. There are my truths and there are the things I want her to believe. The gap between the two feels like a canyon.

She’s acutely aware of the…

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Poetry Friday: Decisions

Decisions Convinced that my steps are too loud, and wondering what my butt looks like while running on this long-avoided treadmill, I decide to love myself like a friend. I decide to think my butt looks hot. Why not? I decide that any stares will be in awe of the running girl with the decidedly … Continue reading Poetry Friday: Decisions

I Will Love Who I Am

This isn't a fashion blog. Obviously. Today I decided to match some worn gray tennis shoes with too-short, loose skinny jeans from Ross, a cloth belt from the DI (a thrift store), and a T-shirt with a Sprint logo on it. I was going for the whole "I'm in college and I don't care" look, … Continue reading I Will Love Who I Am

Poetry Friday: Afternoon Class

Afternoon Class Splayed all flat on the sun-warmed leather couch, my hair brushes my ears. I bask in the heat of a milky-white sun and purring gray machines. Eyelashes tangled, earbuds so snug on this golden, cozy afternoon, I nap cat-like on campus before class.