At Times, I Am Impatient

It’s true. The fight for trans* rights won’t be won by smiling and being patient. Go, Sam.
“Smiling won’t change the man who comments on my article and says, ‘Miss Finch, do you pretend to be a man because you think you’ll get more readers that way? Miss Finch, why do you lie?'”

Let's Queer Things Up!

beniceIllustration by Jessica Krcmarik

[The image features an illustration of the author, an androgynous white person, holding up a sign that reads: “Trans* rights NOW.” Surrounding the author are other indistinct and faceless people, ignoring the author as he protests. The text above the author reads, “BE LESS AGGRESSIVE! BE KINDER! PEOPLE WOULD LISTEN IF…”]

I have been told that if I were just kinder, if I were less aggressive, if I were less loud, if I were gentler, people would finally respect me.

If I weren’t so impatient, they tell me, transgender and non-binary people would find the acceptance that they are looking for. Slowly but surely, from the mere power of our kindness, people would come around.

It is true – at times, I am impatient.

But to ask me to be patient in face of oppression, invisibilization, and violence is laughable. To ask me to swallow…

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