Energy Spent

I gotta be honest with you. It’s 11:01 on Sunday night and I’ve got more on my mind than the consistency and quality of this blog. Mostly, sleep. Glorious, peaceful sleep. Sigh… Certain parts of life have gotten harder lately, like tweeting and blogging and talking to other humans. I just don’t have the energy. But it’s all good because I moved home on Wednesday and now I’m back in my dear old room with my wonderful family. I can be my broken, exhausted self around them without the fear of judgement and rejection. I plan on getting back to my “normal” self by mid-February (as a rough estimate), but for now, I’m taking my sweet time to heal. Today’s post is just to say I’m not as depressed anymore, but healing almost takes more energy from me than sinking quietly into suicide. That’s okay, though; this is energy I’m glad to spend. Hope y’all are doing well, and I send extra love to those of you stressing about finals or holiday preparations, because I really understand. Here’s to all of us humans who are getting through life one day at a time. Cheers!


Smile back

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