Kristin Chenoweth and Twitter

I have nothing to say. I’m writing this on Sunday night so I can schedule it to post at 8:11 like on “Taylor the Latte Boy,” which BTW is just so funny. Here’s the video. It has Kristin Chenoweth, so just yes.

And then watch this, because at this point… yeah. It’s funny, too. “Many a girl had let me court her–never did I need a restraining order,” lol.

You should all be glad to know that for the term-long class I thought I was going to fail, I GOT A B! Usually I’d be all, “Oh, but what if I lose my scholarship…?” But, no, my friend. Whenever I think about just how magical the letter B is, I am filled with thoughts of marshmallows and sunshine and the smell of clean laundry.

You know what doesn’t start with the letter B, though? Twitter. T for traumatizing. T for trying to be cool. T for trying also to be funny every day. It’s hard! I have to, like, warm up with a few dull paragraph before my writing even resembles humor. Some people can tweet, and I am finding that I am not one of them. It feels distinctly like it should only be for serious people who can handle daily socialization and public humiliation. Like high school.

Maybe if I’d made a Twitter account in high school, I wouldn’t have eaten lunch alone in the science classroom so much. Go figure.

Do great things! Love, Maney


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