Weirdness and Curiosity

Weirdness has been in my life lately and I’m kind of caught between wanting to write novels about it and wanting to keep everything all locked up. Knowing myself, I’m sure I’ll eventually pump out the paragraphs, but for now I’m just kind of reveling in it all.

But anyway, the happy pills make the world seem a little brighter–literally. I think they’ve made my eyes more light-sensitive. It’s been a few days but I still feel a little nauseous in the mornings, not to mention totally twitchy and distracted. What can you do? At some point I guess you just have to decide that living is more important to you that a little discomfort. And I guess for me it is. Now.

As I slowly lift out of the depression that has so consumed me, I look around and realize that I’m pretty interested in what I’ve been learning in school for the past two months. Though my grades don’t really reflect that interest–oh, well. I think C stands for Celestial at Mormon Harvard, right? (If you don’t get the joke, you can go here for an explanation.) (If you still don’t get it, it’s my fault. The joke’s really not that funny.)

Also I realize it’s almost Halloween. Now, don’t anybody go crazy on me here–I’m not actually excited for Halloween, but it is a slightly brighter spot on the vast black expanse which is my future. I like being scared once a year. I mean, my favorite show is Fringe. If that’s not an indicator, I dunno what is. I don’t feel like getting all poetical with describing how fun and awesome Halloween is, but I do want to share this YouTube video.

Let it be known that I love Vsauce, and that Michael has helped me through some hard days. Like, sometimes I’ve been super down and I just throw on one of his videos to distract me or give me a positive view of the world. This video in particular was fun to watch because I got a really creepy, Halloween-y vibe from it. And if it matters, I have found Vsauce to be consistently clean, interesting, and entertaining for as long as I’ve watched it. (Just make sure the YouTube account is “Vsauce” if you want this serious quality.)

Bam. P.S. Happy early Halloween! ^-^ <– That is a Halloween cat face thing. For you.

You’re welcome.


Smile back

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