I Miss Crying

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with depression and I started seeing a counselor. I don't even know how to describe those months preceding my first appointment. Have you ever wanted to die? I'm sorry. I get it. There are no words. This counselor recommended I take antidepressants, so I got on and off the pills in … Continue reading I Miss Crying


You Are the Reason

I guess I'm not a serious blogger yet because today when my professor asked me what I blog about, I didn't know what to say. I gave her a vague, "Mormonism... depression... and other mental illnesses I deal with." Don't real bloggers have a catchy phrase memorized that will be sure to get them followers and … Continue reading You Are the Reason

On Being Loved

She said she liked crying. Her own crying and when others cry. Well all right. Then this new counselor will love seeing me. I'm not full of words lately. Many of you probably signed on to this blog thinking it would be some kind of eternal source of inspiration. Well to be honest, so did I. … Continue reading On Being Loved