Assignments for YouSpeak.

Hey, so, WOW. Awesome, Incresity.


Look up Carrie Rudzinski’s work and write a poem based on the structure of on of hers:

Looking at the sky you’ll see nothing, but by listening you can hear the soft sigh.

I could tell you that walking in the dark is only delightful in the right company as if everything you feel can synergise with the lovely feeling across your face. The veil of the night perpetuated love– unseen by my eyes.

Slowly and alone I contemplate my flight, the feeling uplifting me I drift in the warm breeze. Swept away, I come to think of thinking itself. As if I’m addicted to the moments I’m not in: Always being distracted by the past and this past is the only image that seems clear to me.

All the summers I spent inviting different people to my night-walks. All I wanted to show them was how imperfect I was…

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