Today is a battle and I am going to win.

If you think I’m going to fall, you are wrong wrong wrong. I have fought too hard to get to this place, this point on my mountain, and I will not move one step down.

You may think you know me, or own me, or understand what I’ve been through and where I’m going, but you don’t know the half of it.

I have felt pain to a degree that I didn’t know was humanly possible. I have survived what other people would call Hell but I wouldn’t call it that. Because I know how much harder life can be.

I have lost friends. I have lost family. I have lost myself.

But I have never let go.

Every day I wake up and I face the sun, and even if it pains me beyond words, I have not yet given up.

On days when I wanted it to end and I had the means and the desire, I held on. Because I told myself it would eventually be worth it. Honestly, sometimes I still have to remind myself this.

If you could see my strength, it would astound you.

I am so full of words and beliefs and values and potential that if you could really see it all, it would blind you.

Don’t you think that you can put me in a box, labeling me, marking me. I am above what you think you know.

And today is just another battle.

A battle for life.

A battle for liberty.

A battle for the pursuit of happiness.

A battle to be who I am and to love every piece of me.

A battle to take God’s hand and make myself believe Him, even if it doesn’t make sense.

I’m going to keep on fighting.

So you had better keep fighting, too.


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