More Turkeys

I don't have much to say because I don't feel qualified to blog lately. I've tried to maintain a realistic yet positive blog since December; however, some of you may have noticed that in the last month or so, my posts have taking a slightly more depressing turn. This makes sense because (and of course … Continue reading More Turkeys


Assignments for YouSpeak.

Hey, so, WOW. Awesome, Incresity.


Look up Carrie Rudzinski’s work and write a poem based on the structure of on of hers:

Looking at the sky you’ll see nothing, but by listening you can hear the soft sigh.

I could tell you that walking in the dark is only delightful in the right company as if everything you feel can synergise with the lovely feeling across your face. The veil of the night perpetuated love– unseen by my eyes.

Slowly and alone I contemplate my flight, the feeling uplifting me I drift in the warm breeze. Swept away, I come to think of thinking itself. As if I’m addicted to the moments I’m not in: Always being distracted by the past and this past is the only image that seems clear to me.

All the summers I spent inviting different people to my night-walks. All I wanted to show them was how imperfect I was…

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He Makes Fish Less Dead

I got another email today that made me feel a little less alone in the barren landscape of depression. One of my friends wrote how she's had a hard week but knows God is there and will comfort us if we are faithful and patient. Depression is a challenge for her and she rocks life in spite of it. This … Continue reading He Makes Fish Less Dead

Say Something

I write a lot and I tend to be pretty open about my problems and feelings when I write. You guys get a glimpse into the Maney Universe every so often, understanding pieces of me that I guess probably 99.99% of the world's population never will. That's kind of cool, right? Or maybe it's not … Continue reading Say Something

Better Than Your Father

Many of you know that virtually all of my friends left on missions within the last year, excluding two or three that I haven't kept in contact with very well. I've been getting most of their weekly missionary emails since they left home, and it's been really fun and eyeopening to watch them grow and mature. … Continue reading Better Than Your Father

Gold Feelings, Silver Glass

Something strange happened in class today. One of my professors was going off about when the term "and/or" is appropriate. Well, that's not fair. I really like this professor. Anything she "goes off on" is usually either funny or pertinent to our lives/grades. Anyway, she wrote on the board: "You can have apple and/or oranges." I … Continue reading Gold Feelings, Silver Glass


Today is a battle and I am going to win. If you think I'm going to fall, you are wrong wrong wrong. I have fought too hard to get to this place, this point on my mountain, and I will not move one step down. You may think you know me, or own me, or … Continue reading Battlefield