Your Song

I really love music. Probably it’s one of the biggest things in my life; listening to it, creating it, learning about it. I love that feeling when I’m playing an instrument and a song is coming from my mouth. I’m not super talented at music but I love it, and that’s good enough for me.

Lately I’ve been getting into guitar more. Usually I stick to piano when I want to play, and I guess I’ve dabbled in chords and frets before. However, lately it’s more like a need–something hugely desirable and enticing. Let me just get to the strings, I think, and I’ll know what calmness feels like.

I’ve written a few songs but they’re really cheesy and amateur. Mostly I fall for someone and suddenly I think I’m Taylor Swift or something. Making big bucks on her relationships. (I guess lots of people like her stuff. I respect that. I don’t.) I guess I mostly write lyrics about love and religion. In my defense, my poetry covers more than that!

And I’m not one of those people who can sit down to a new piece and play it flawlessly. I can’t even really play by ear either. I’m one of those muscle memory people; I get into a song, play it hundreds of times, and eventually I find that my fingers can find the notes on their own. It’s like typing, really; I can never remember my passwords if I’m not at a keyboard.

Why am I writing about music? Because tonight I heard a song with my name as the title. And I thought about songs that have been written for me. I can only think of a couple, but I remember how much they meant to me. Reader, if someone wrote a song for you, what would you want it to be about? And, Reader, if someone wrote a song about you–capturing your personality, your talents, your heart–what would it sound like? Think about it.

I bet it would be more beautiful than you think.


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