Does it matter?

A few months back I did a lot of service for someone I care deeply for. I spent several hours helping him or her with tasks that were hard on me physically and emotionally, but I did it anyway because I love this person. Last week, however, when this person was talking about this trial and … Continue reading Does it matter?



This is me acknowledging real life. In dialogue form. "Hey, Maney! How's everything going?" "Oh... pretty good. I'm applying to jobs and things. Trying to be an adult before I move out for college." "Hmm. Haven't you been an adult for a while now?" "Well, technically yes, but emotionally..." "I see." "Yeah. It's just, you … Continue reading Adult-ness

See Maney Love

Once upon a time, I spent the last month in San Francisco as a nanny. Good, good. First time I lived out of state, ever. I guess this should have made some kind of impression on me, but really I feel like I'm just in shock that I'm home again. I spent the greater part of June/July feeling … Continue reading See Maney Love


The keyboard keeps calling to me. It coaxes me closer and closer to a blank white screen, ripe for a plaster of black font. Every day I ignore the pull, shushing it for just a little longer, just a while more. I tell it that I will never be known for my writing. I tell it that … Continue reading Shackles