So this is real: I would never be the person I am without the people I’ve known over my lifetime. Some examples are my parents, my teachers, my best friends, and my enemies. And ever since I posted that video of my brother’s band, I feel like, what if I could post a couple more videos from my friends? Kind of give credit where credit is due. Because honestly, reader, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not on here to witness my amazing literary prowess. You’re probably still reading this because you like knowing that there is in fact a human out there named Maney who is just surviving day by day, much like you. Therefore, I ask you to support some other awesome humans out there and watch as least one of the following videos. (These are three of my good friends.)

Keep being cool, and again I implore, keep creating art!


“Girl on Fire” (Four minute classy music video of Alicia Keys’ song “Girl on Fire.”)

“Brave” (Four minute music video of four Mormon chicks getting their brave on with “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.)

James S

“Chase Playing Fetch” (Three minutes of an adorable game of fetch between a dog and his human companion.)

Jessica Jenson

“Africano” (Seven minutes of gorgeous percussion on (I believe) a marimba.)

Bonus Material:

Now, if you’re really serious about having a good time watching amateur film-making, you should invest an hour or so watching these hilariously unprofessional movies by TransparentClouds. Remember, though, that this gorgeous girl is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so she won’t be making any more videos for another year or so.

“Infected Movie” (Thirty minutes of a well-meaning doctor dealing with a zombie epidemic of his own creation.)

“Falcon’s Kill” (Fifty-eight minutes of a thrill-packed romantic/spy/action movie.)


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