Not Knowing, Just Hoping

You guys know that I started coming off my happy pills a few weeks ago. (I only have about a week to go and then I'm done.) It's been┬ákind of frightening; I was so afraid that I would sink back into that dark, numb place again, which would mean that I would have to take … Continue reading Not Knowing, Just Hoping



So this is real: I would never be the person I am without the people I've known over my lifetime. Some examples are my parents, my teachers, my best friends, and my enemies. And ever since I posted that video of my brother's band, I feel like, what if I could post a couple more … Continue reading Credits

Queen of Non Sequitur

All the things are screaming I am important pay attention to me listen listen listen!! I am shouting leave me alone! Leave me! Augh! The FAFSA is shouting I need you to fill me out! The dinner shouts put me in the fridge! The missionaries shout you need to write us! Shut up shut up … Continue reading Queen of Non Sequitur