Summits, Pills, and the Hand of God

Thirteen months ago, give or take a few weeks, I started taking happy pills to deal with the all-encompassing depression that had entered into my daily life. I remember how hard it was at the beginning. The pills made me really nauseous so I didn't want to eat anything, which made me lose several pounds … Continue reading Summits, Pills, and the Hand of God


Vulnerable, Because of Him

Generally I feel that vulnerability is not a desired characteristic in one's self. I, for one, hate to feel unprotected. Out of control. Weak. This is when my brain takes over my heart. It says, "Heart, you have gotten us into the worst pain we have ever known. So we're now co-captains of this Maney Vessel, … Continue reading Vulnerable, Because of Him

Writers Unite

I'm supposed to be writing a paper on Lutheranism right now, but I was distracted by beautiful words. I'm kind of a fan-girl when it comes to IncresitySpeaks' poetic writing. I seriously love their (gender neutral) stuff. Usually I'm kind of a freak about grammar and proper spelling and usage and stuff, but with this artist … Continue reading Writers Unite

Cutting Strings

For a long time I had this image in my head of a bunch of helium balloons tied to the ground with strings, straining against their bonds, dancing a little in the breeze. I imagined taking a pair of scissors and, one by one, cutting them free, watching them fly into the never-never blue, watching … Continue reading Cutting Strings