Free Love

I'm surfing through my old word documents to find something inspirational that I can post on here, and I realize that I'm totally missing the point of my blog. I have this thing so I can write. It's supposed to be my outlet. Because I'm not working on a book right now, and because I … Continue reading Free Love


Legacy (Part II)

I wrote this essay for a class last semester. The professor of the class often told us to go home and kill our neighbors to reduce the world’s population. What was that specific advice he always gave us? Something like, “Buy less [crap], have fewer kids, use less fossil fuels.” At first his uber-biased attitude bothered me, but … Continue reading Legacy (Part II)

Legacy (Part I)

Legacy. This word has been mulling around in my mind lately. In church the other day, someone referenced a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that my mother once made me and my siblings memorize: "That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but … Continue reading Legacy (Part I)


If you see me driving alone in a car, ruining the ozone with my selfishness; if you see me crying on someone else's shoulder, letting them hold me; if you see me buying  wind-chimes, books, chocolate, or paintings; if you see me making eye contact with the person I'm talking to; if you see me … Continue reading Congratulations

She’s There, and I Love Her

Today I realized that I silently judge people with stigma against mental health problems. I don't even know anyone who is wildly discriminating or disrespectful. Yet, I go around stewing in hypocritical judgement of my own misguided brothers and sisters. Mental illness runs in both sides of my family. Both sides have dealt with pain … Continue reading She’s There, and I Love Her