We’re All a Little Crazy

These are things I tell myself when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, which happens about once on good days. You are invisible. People who look at you can't really see you. Humans can smell fear. As long as you don't act afraid, they won't hurt you. Name off as many words as you … Continue reading We’re All a Little Crazy



This is for my sweetheart. It always amazes me that after the things I've gone through, I can still find a place in my black and smoking heart to keep him. I feel so mangled sometimes, like a crushed china plate, or a grimy, cobwebbed window, or a hopeless love song lost at sea. I'm … Continue reading Querido

Confessions of a Beautiful Girl

I've done a bad thing. All last semester I chose not to wear makeup. Not because I was super against animal testing or the exploited image of women in the media or anything. I just wasn't interested. And I guess I got used to the way my face naturally looks (unless you count using prescription … Continue reading Confessions of a Beautiful Girl

Litany of Banal Platitudes

Don't give up. Don't let go. Keep going. Keep it up. Keep moving forward. Keep your faith. You can do it. You are enough. You are wonderful. You are perfect. You are unique. You have incredible potential. You are here for a reason. You are a child of God. God loves you. He knows what you are capable of. He believes … Continue reading Litany of Banal Platitudes

Turkeys; Understanding Zero to One

(writes “0-1” on the whiteboard) I have this friend who’s told me on multiple different occasions that he wishes he could be a turkey. I feel like, of all the animals in the world, why would you choose a creepy and delicious one? You’re doomed to be scorned all your life and eventually served with … Continue reading Turkeys; Understanding Zero to One

Jack Black, Thank You

I'm really grateful for people who put together funny movies with inspirational messages and gift-wrap them in Jack Black ribbons and paper. The couch and I watched School of Rock (again) tonight, and, man. There's nothing like a good movie to set you free from the anxieties of life. I'll be honest, I don't know much about Jack … Continue reading Jack Black, Thank You


It's like when your baby brother spits up a clam-chowder-like concoction all over your neck and shirt and over your shoulder onto the carpet. You are revolted but you're the only adult at home so you know you're going to have to clean it up sooner or later. A sour milk smell is rising and … Continue reading Depression