Laugh Yourself to Sleep

I’ve been laughing out loud all day. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve just been feeling that life is really wonderful. Laughing for the win. Anyway, so on the bus I was reading this book about the importance of sleep. My counselor lent it to me so it must be doctrine or something. She says that restorative sleep is important, which I guess makes sense because I’m usually way less stressed after a good night’s sleep.

My problem is that for the past few months I’ve been experiencing annoyingly vivid dreams. So I wake up from these dreams and tear through my day thinking and worrying and stressing because I know the dreams make me uptight, and if I have vivid dreams again I’ll get even more stressed. This worrying keeps my mind active during the night, and in a cruel twist of irony, my worries about dreaming make me dream. It’s an endless cycle and if I don’t fix it soon… well, honestly, I can’t predict the future. Probably I’ll fall asleep on the bus someday and miss my stop.

This is the book’s solution to worrying: Stop. Just relax. Don’t think of your problems as catastrophes; think of them as inconveniences. And inconveniences are manageable, are they not? Sometimes I tell myself not to take life so seriously. Maybe this is foolish, but it helps my anxiety. Keep laughing, everyone. As I recently learned from my Spanish professor, “Todo va a salir bien.” Everything is going to be okay. 


Smile back

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