My church is really service-oriented. Maybe you've heard of the LDS church (Mormons) responding to victims of natural disasters with humanitarian aid. All my life I've been involved in different kinds of service projects. It's a huge chunk of the Mormon culture pie. As you can imagine, being goal-oriented, social, capable, and energetic is smiled upon … Continue reading Service


Thank You, Writer’s Block

Here's to writer's block. Nothing like some good writer's block to get the super weird creative juices flowing. You stare at the screen, back hunched, fingers still, thoughts oozing like crystallized honey. Really, it's so refreshing to not know what to say. Don't you just love it when things don't go according to plan? I'm … Continue reading Thank You, Writer’s Block

Foolishly Happy

I am not filled with flowery words tonight, but I want to write on the topic of choosing. For example, the older I get, the more I realize I don't know. Sometimes it bothers me that my mind, my only tool with which to perceive life, is inadequately informed about the world. But other times it … Continue reading Foolishly Happy

Hats Off to DFW

My AP English teacher first introduced me to David Foster Wallace's speech "This is Water." Few literary passages have changed my life so profoundly as this one did. I hope that everyone within earshot of my cyber voice will read it and try to understand it and do something because of it. Read it--go on! … Continue reading Hats Off to DFW

Laugh Yourself to Sleep

I've been laughing out loud all day. I don't know why, but lately I've just been feeling that life is really wonderful. Laughing for the win. Anyway, so on the bus I was reading this book about the importance of sleep. My counselor lent it to me so it must be doctrine or something. She says … Continue reading Laugh Yourself to Sleep


I remember back when my depression was pretty bad and I considered different ways to end my life. One particular day, as I turned left on a quiet intersection by my high school and considered slamming into another car or a stoplight, I was overcome with this feeling that my future children were with me, … Continue reading Courage

Concerning Love

Christmas is coming up and it makes me wonder what I want from Santa. People keep reminding me that Christmas is nine days away, eight days away, one week away... but for some reason, the actual day of opening presents doesn't mean as much to me as it used to. A lot of my loved … Continue reading Concerning Love